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      1. Hangzhou million medical equipment Co., Ltd.

        Contact: Zhang Hongbiao
        Cell phone: 13805719809
        ? ? ? ? ? ? 13858115749
        ? ? ? ? ? ? 13082818705
        Tel: 0571-88095328
        ? ? ?0571-89969049
        E-mail: yifan9809@126.com
        Address:room 546, building five, No. 1, No. 7, Kangping Road, Hangzhou, Zhejiang, Gongshu District

        YF-ATS-D type CNC pneumatic tourniquet (Dan Tongdao)

        YF-ATS-D type CNC pneumatic tourniquet (Dan Tongdao)

        Technical parameter:
        Pressure setting range: 0 ~ 100Kpa (675mm/Hg), pressure control accuracy: + / - 3KP
        Time setting: 0 ~ 120min, the initial gas time: less than 50 seconds
        Noise: less than 45dB
        Power consumption: less than 20W
        Technical characteristics:
        All digital microcomputer control, digital display of relevant data
        Automatic compensation of work pressure, loss of pressure to maintain the function (with charging function optional, after power failure can work more than 6 hours), automatic detection of leakage function
        Low noise, long life, stable working conditions
        Timed sound and light alarm, electromagnetic control, rapid flushing, slow bleeding to ensure the safety of operation
        Structure characteristics:
        結構Compact structure, simple operation, adjustable vertical support, a variety of optional parts, the connection is simple, reliable, ABS shell, sound alarm,
        International fashion design, easy to use
        Charging and discharging function:
        Rapid inflation: prevent arterial occlusion, blood filling artery
        Memory function:
        Automatic memory of the last use of parameters for the next use of reference, in the basis of setting parameters, can save the setting time
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